Fallen Thoughts: Company Studio Eclipse creation 2012

Filed in Choreographer, Contemporary dancer | Posted by Pieter on 29 December, 2012

thomashahnA world of your own, a thought of your own, a place of your own

from where you seek an encounter, something to share, while losing yourself.

A leap into the unknown, the uncertain, into the depths.

And then … discover, long for the other … there …. on the other side

Wondering which path you are now on and where it will lead you.

recognition, admiration, intimidation.
Too confrontational, too close and too early?
You return safely back to the familiar
to that place for yourself
your  own thought

your own world

Concept & Choreography: Satya Roosens

Created with dancers: Estelle Delcambre, Satya Roosens

Music: Ananta Roosens

Scenography: Kurt Demey

Costumes: Elena Werner

Aerial advice: Yves Fauchon

Lights: Dries Mees