Trailer: “Fallen Thoughts”

Outdoor performance in a tree

Concept: Satya Roosens

Classes and workshops

Classes coming up!

Contemporary dance for people with some dance experience:

15th of October until the 17th of December  for Carte Blanche

Wednesdays from 19h – 20h30 Het Oude Badhuis, Stuivenbergplein 38, 2060 Antwerpen

Contemporary dance for circus people:

26,27,28th of December for Circuscentrum Vlaanderen, De Expeditie, Gent



The classes will include improvisation with very specific tasks and exercises to build strength and power. We use the resistance of the floor to move in space. We work with the awareness of the body center to get in and out of balance and explore extremes. Energy and dynamic changes can make any movement interesting. To work with a partner, sometimes explains more then only ourselves. I developed my own way of moving by experience and by listening to the body. We explore each individual mover in a unique way.




Satya created the Belgian company Studio Eclipse in 2010 and makes performances on outdoor locations. With her last performances ‘Two sink, three float’ in the water and “Fallen Thoughts’ in a tree, she toured them on international festivals.

Satya danced as a free lancer until she got into the French Company Ex-Nihilo from 2006-2010.

Satya was teaching at Artes del Movimiento Institito Universitario Nacional del Arte and Compagnie IUNA in Buenos Aires, for Ex-Nihilo in Marokko, Korea and France, Amsterdam Dance Centre, Hybrid Studio and Studio Grez in Brussels.

With a team of Dogtroep, she worked with prisoners in The Netherlands.

Own organised workshops are only on irregular basis.


Dance classes with live music (drums)




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In these sessions, we work with contemporary dance movements in combination with live music.

We use specific floor exercises to build strength and power, using the resistance of the floor to move in space.

We work with the awareness of the body core to get in and out of balance and explore extremes.

Through improvisation and group work, we involve listening and feeling.

Themes of the sessions include trust, partner work, space, and music.

Where: Studio Grez, Rue Cornet de Grez 15, 1030 Brussels (Metro Botanique)

When: 10 sessions, 28/03, 4/04, 11/04, 16/04, 25/04, 1/05, 9/05, 16/05, 23/05, 30/05

10h30 -12h30

Language: Français/Nederlands/English

Level: intermediate/experienced dancers

Costs: one class 13€ / all 100€ on account/cash Studio Eclipse vzw BE49780591764071

Info & registration here

23Juin2012 (18)-redim1600 Satya Roosens/ dancer-choreographer from Belgium

Satya creates performances on specific locations for the company Studio Eclipse and tours with her work to outdoor festivals. She made the piece ‘Two Faces’ 2008 with goats, ‘Two sink, three float’ 2010 in open water and ‘Fallen Thoughts’ 2012 in a tree. She danced from 2006-2010 with the French company Ex-Nihilo outdoors and toured over the world with their work. Satya teached in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, Korea and Argentina. She has experience with contemporary dance, aerial work, aikido, yoga and African dance.



Robbert van Hulzen / drummer from The Netherlands

Drummer & composer Robbert van Hulzen’s music plays somewhere in the multicoloured twilight zone between improvisation, rock, and contemporary composed music, with Indian and Indonesian influences. From the India-based gallery jazz trio oto.3 via the abstract storytelling of dancer Michael Jahoda’s Phillip Project to the world collision filmrock of his latest project Loodgieters.He recently returned from his musical journey elephant songs – from South India to the Netherlands on an Indian motorcycle loaded with drums, playing concerts with local musicians en route.



Company Studio Eclipse

Since 2010, Satya works for company WWW.STUDIOECLIPSE.BE as a dancer/choreographer.


Fallen Thoughts: Company Studio Eclipse creation 2012

Concept & Choreography: Satya Roosens

Created with dancers: Estelle Delcambre, Satya Roosens

Music: Ananta Roosens

Scenography: Kurt Demey

Costumes: Elena Werner

Aerial advice: Yves Fauchon

Lights: Dries Mees

Film ‘Two sink, three float’ on festival

Shown on several dance/art film festivals in the world.

Concept/choreography by Satya

Trailer: Two sink, three float


Two Faces solo: Company Studio Eclipse creation 2008

A dance solo with a goat
The goat and the girl lived together forever.
They can rely on rhythm and habits.
When that changes suddenly, everything gets pulled
out of balance and exhibits the goat, and the girl.
During the dance solo an intimacy and vulnerability
of the character is shown. Accompanied on violin.


Concept & choreography: Satya Roosens

Created with dancer: Mirte Courtens

Music: Ananta Roosens

Dramaturgic advice: Klaus Jürgen

‘Two sink, three float’ Creation 2009-2010 Company Studio Eclipse


A trio with dance and visual theatre
The water as unkown, depth, subconcious
lets things float or sink
On this thin membrane between top and bottom
one is taken into a surreal and visual story
Three characters find their balance on a platform, amongst themselves
with the elements
There is an underworld
a world under, which we do not see
It is not shown on the surface
or is it?


Concept & Choreography: Satya Roosens

Dancers: Mirte Courtens or Estelle Delcambre, Christophe Degelin, Satya Roosens

Visual artist: Kurt Demey

Constructor: Colin Kassies

Composer: Giovanni di Domenico

Dramaturgic Advise: Klaus Jürgen

Textile Designer: Rosalie Spruijt

Projects Apparemment, ce qui ne se voit pas, Si trois=trois, Nal Boa: Company Ex-Nihilo creation 2010

  • An intimate solo in the urban space

  solo-ex-n2.jpg  solo-ex-n3.jpg  solo-ex-n.jpg


13th untill 17th of July 2009 at Ballet National de Marseille,France

26th of July untill the 1st of August 2009 in International Theater Festival Copenhagen,Denmark

  • Si trois = trois…


Photo Martine Derain

A trio of men, a trio of women and a mixed trio.


4th untill 17th of January 2010 at Les Eclats Chorégraphiques de la Rochelle,France

22th of February untill the 5th of March 2010 in Marseille, France

  • Exchange Korea and Europe: NAL BOA (look at me)satya2-bal-boa.pngsatya-nal-boa.png


6th untill 21st of February 2010 at Seoul, Korea

1st untill 21st of August 2010 in Aurillac, France

15th untill 30st of september 2010 at Gwacheon, Korea

Premiere: 1st and 2nd of October 2010 at Gwacheon Festival, Korea