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 Photos: Kurt Demey

指 圧

Locations: Mongolian Yurt in Overijse and YogaRoots in Brussels.

(Wear comfortable clothes for the treatment)

For prices and for shiatsu treatments, you can make an appointment here.

Shiatsu is a body therapy or massage which was developed in Japan. In Shiatsu we use the thumbs, palms and fingers to put pressure on certain spots on the body. This is performed by the practitioner not by using muscle strength but rather by applying pressure using body weight. In shiatsu the meridians are stimulated to treat the condition. Meridians are also the energy pathways of our body. Shiatsu appears to be particularly preventive and very effective to improve many conditions.

Shiatsu is indicated for conditions such as stress, burn out, fatigue, digestive, respiratory and circulatory problems, emotional distress, anxiety and depression, back, shoulders, hips, knees pain and stiffness, headaches and migraines, menstrual and sleeping problems, lack of concentration, conditions where medically a clear cause was not found. It is also of support during pregnancy.


She is a dancer and choreographer and underwent shiatsu massages throughout her career to avoid injuries and blockages.

She found the path to the Yoseido Academy in Brussels with Sensei Yuichi Kawada (Japan) and has completed this course successfully.

Recently, she worked with cancer patients in the Saint-Luc Hospital in Brussels.